The Boatman is an independent, digital-native, not-for-profit publication on Kerala politics, economy, and society.

You can expect monthly or fortnightly posts here. The best ways to keep in touch are by subscribing to our free e-newsletter Boat News  or our Facebook page.

Why and How

We wish to:

  • build expertise in society for informed politics and policymaking, and
  • improve the quality of public debate.

We hope to achieve that by

  • promoting the study of Kerala,
  • widening the reach of scholarship on Kerala; and
  • using cutting-edge Web journalism tools.


Boatman was started by Ashok R. Chandran in April 2016.

To keep the content free for all readers, you can support Boatman by contributing any amount between Rs 500 and Rs 20,000. Please write to for details.

‘A small sailing craft is not only beautiful, it is seductive and full of strange promise and the hint of trouble.’ — E.B. White

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